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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Emotional Body Recalibration

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Emotional Body Recalibration

Have you had days where you’ve felt emotionally heavy? Many Sensitive Souls have been feeling it lately, and although it can be uncomfortable, it can be a good thing. How so? Our emotional bodies have been going through some evolutionary changes. Source calls it a recalibration.

My current understanding is that only Sensitive Souls (Indigos, Earth Angels, Starseeds, Light Being Starseeds, etc.) are going through a recalibration at this time. Unless you’re familiar with recalibrating sensitive scientific equipment, you won’t know that many moving parts are involved. It is more beautifully complex than it sounds. With that said, this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest shares a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation that will hold the space for this recalibration process.

The Still Point: The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment

Monday, December 5th, 2022 | 12 PM Noon Eastern 

I will say this plainly and simply. This week’s Light Warrior Radio interview is a must-listen! I recently had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Kevin Krenitsky, a medical colleague of mine, about his new book, The Simplicity of Spiritual Enlightenment. He makes a seemingly complex concept very simple. I tend to be a slow reader of books (because I allow myself to get distracted by my to-do lists), but his book was so compelling that I speed-read it!

During this riveting interview, we discuss:
    • What does “we are all One” really mean?
    • Why fighting for freedom doesn’t work to bring about peace
    • Whether karma or re-incarnation exists
    • Where addictions come from
    • The direct approach to “enlightenment”
    • New insights into the ethics of eating a meat-based or plant-based diet
    • …and more!

Listen to this podcast on Monday, December 12th at 12 PM Noon Eastern. Make sure you’re a member of the Light Medicine Community™ on the Circle Platform because Dr. Krenitsky has agreed to do a LIVE Q & A with us soon!

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