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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Infinite Possibilities

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Infinite Possibilities

What if there is a creative solution to every problem? What if there were infinite possibilities? This week, Source asked me to share the wisdom that we can tap into infinite possibilities and create multiple new realities that we can love and enjoy.

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, we break down the nuances of possibilities and creativity and what that has to do with manifesting Heaven on Earth.

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation connects with and harmonizes our relationship with infinite possibilities and infinite creativity (and let’s manifest Heaven on Earth together!).

How to Live Life: Bigger, Better, Braver with Nancy Pickard

Monday, December 19th, 2022 | 12 PM Noon Eastern 

Are you living life to its fullest, or are fear and disempowering beliefs keeping you feeling stuck playing small?

Light Warrior Radio guest, Nancy Pickard, is a master integrative life coach that helps listeners uncover the sabotaging beliefs buried in their subconscious so they can free themselves of their hold and move beyond their fears to live their most inspired lives.

Conflict-avoiders, many of whom are Sensitive Souls, can develop resentment over time and finally explode (or they get sick in their bodies and minds). Guilt, anger, overwhelm? It is a clear sign you’re crossing your own healthy boundaries.

Tune in Monday, December 19th at 12 Noon EST to learn:
    • How to uncover your disempowering beliefs
    • How to use fear as a motivating force for change
    • How to set and maintain healthy boundaries
    • Scripts to ask for what you need in a non-conflictual way
    • How to make yourself a priority
    • How to get out of emotional auto-pilot and live in the present moment
Where are you on the path to a Bigger Better Braver Life?

Start your path to finding the answer with this quiz!

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