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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Adaptability

I used to be very inflexible, the opposite of adaptable.  In fact, I wanted my outside world to bend to my will the exact way I envisioned it. If it didn’t, I would be in tears, and if I was the kicking and screaming type (I did it internally), you would’ve seen me kicking and screaming.

Dang it! Why can’t things go MY way????

But I’ve learned that The Universe has its ways of growing us, even if we don’t like the immediate direction it is taking us to get there. 

But there is an upside to changes we see in our world. When we adapt and flex with those changes, we become stronger and more resilient. Being adaptable has major perks!

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share with you the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Directive for downloading and activating the positive morphic field of maximal adaptability! How cool is that?

To watch this week’s video click the image below, and remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel…and since as of this recording I’m still censored from posting on Facebook, please join me on MeWe (sort of like Facebook but without the censoring) and Instagram, where I recently figured out how to do Instagram LIVES and am completing my 7 Days of Light series. Tune in to watch!



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