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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Embrace the Contrast

Spiritual Medicine Digest: Embrace the Contrast

You’ve probably heard about the Power of Intention, using focus and will to manifest a positive outcome. It is powerful, like a spiritual GPS, focusing your manifesting Superpowers and allowing the Universe to support you.

I never understood until a few years ago that once you’ve set a powerful new positive intention, it sets the Universal wheels of manifestation into motion. The first thing that often shows up is its opposite! You can call it the contrast.

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I share why the contrast shows up and how it can propel you to happy new heights of manifestation!

Experience the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation that helps you to embrace the contrast, remove the friction, and allow you to heal and manifest with greater ease, speed, and grace.

Light Warrior Radio

What the Hell is Going On with Donald Lee

Monday, January 9th | 12 PM Eastern

Over the last 2-3 years, have you been asking yourself, What the Hell Is Going On? What’s the connection between all these things? Are all these events planned, or accidents? 

During this episode, I will have the pleasure of having author Donald Lee as my guest for my Light Warrior Radio podcast. We will discuss themes from his new book, What the Hell Is Going On? The Web of Fraud That Is Enslaving Everyone and How We Can Escape to Freedom

Donald pulls together evidence from a dozen disciplines to “connect the dots” on a web of fraud that makes it look like it leads us to one-world tyranny. It might look like the path we are on…but we can still get on a different path.

Listen in on this show if you’d like to find out:

    • How to use pattern recognition (like a spy) to understand what is happening.

    • The difference between (conspiracy) theory, history, and reality

    • How to easily recognize the pattern of fraud and quasi-scientific ideology

    • About the pattern of mass formation, what underlies it, and how it works

    • How healing our reality is connected to our spiritual journey

    • How and why forgiveness and non-violent action can bring peace to our world.

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