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Spiritual Medicine Digest: The ‘Answer’ to Ascension Symptoms

As we go through the ascension process of our entire existence rising in vibration and consciousness, Sensitive Souls, in particular, have been experiencing uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating symptoms including headaches, fatigue, malaise, low mood, anxiety, and more. One may ask, why do Sensitive Souls feel it more? And is this really necessary?

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, we discuss the necessity of temporary Universal destabilization in order to ascend to the next stage of our human evolution, and how to calm and minimize any ascension symptoms along the way by stabilizing yourself in time and space!

The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation for this week revolves around temporarily restabilizing the resonant energy field in order to feel more grounded and comfortable through ascension upgrades.

To learn more about the internal workings of resonant energy field stabilization, check out my mentor, Marcus Bird’s, Supercharge 3-Hour Workshop replay.

What if our knowledge of energy anatomy was incomplete? Would that disempower us to some degree? The answer is an emphatic YES.

Source told me a few years ago that we were evolving more Chakras. At the time, I did not fully understand what it meant, but since diving into the Activator Healer Coach Training by Marcus Bird, I’ve become familiar with Dimensional Therapy, and it is all starting to come together!

At one time, Marcus Bird was a highly successful ‘Corporate Jedi’ with all the trappings of success. One day, that all changed and he found himself battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which made it difficult for him to walk, eat, or function. All Marcus had the strength to do was to meditate. During one of these meditations, he met an off-world dimensional-being and was asked to bring important information to the world to help humans evolve and heal.

Listen to this fascinating interview with Marcus Bird airing Monday, June 13th at 12 Noon on Light Warrior Radio as we delve into the Egyptian 13-Chakra System, why there are “missing” Chakras in many of our healing traditions, and how these Chakras help stabilize us in Time and Space, to keep us healthy, happy, and strong. Goodbye ascension symptoms!

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