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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Timeline Bleed-Through

I didn’t believe in God. I know… sounds weird. But years ago, three people I knew well (two were patients) suddenly became ill. The one that was not my patient actually died. It was so shocking that I had to ask, why?

In conversations with Source/God, I discovered that our timelines had converged and some people didn’t have the “blueprint” for safe convergence. At first, I didn’t believe Source.

Why timeline convergence? Why now? Do we need it? Is it normal? What can happen if we timeline-converge the “wrong” way? Pain, stress, insomnia, suffering… death?

Listen to this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest to find out more about timeline convergence and how you can tell if you’re experiencing a timeline “bleed-through” that may be causing you stress, pain, or even dis-ease.

The TOLPAKAN Healing Activation for this week centers around downloading the positive morphic field of Healthy Boundaries Between All Your Lives.

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