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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Why Are People Falling Down?

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been hearing about people falling, and sometimes even breaking bones. Some have landed in the hospital. When I see trends like this, it is usually a sign for me to pay attention, so I can share what’s going on in the wider scope of things.

In the past, when I would accidentally hurt myself (bump into the doorway, trip over a dog toy, etc.), I recognized that I was not fully present. My mind was thinking about something else…which is easy for a dreamer like me. When I practice figure skating, however, I have no choice but to be fully present in my body, otherwise, I can’t perform athletic moves safely.

It is unsafe for me to skate and be worried or upset about something. My coordination can go out the window.

I had a little “chat” with Source about this phenomenon. In 100% of all the falls that happened over the last two weeks, the person’s energy was not fully present in the body. This is an ascension-related thing. With Ascension energies transitioning us from our current non-ideal reality to our future ideal reality, it is very easy for the energies to make us feel a bit spacey.

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest where I delve into more details of what percentage All of Humanity is resonating in the new ideal reality versus the old, as well as the minimum threshold your attention needs to be in your future ideal reality to prevent these types of mishaps with Ascension upgrades.

I will be sharing a TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation for Powerful Presence that I hope feels good to you. And you can try it anytime you feel a bit spacey. When people say “stay safe”, my positive interpretation is “be in your body”.

Here is this week’s video:



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