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[Light Warrior Radio] The New Healthcare: Energetic Osteopathy™ with Dr. Jess Bell

with Special Guest

Light Warrior Radio



[Light Warrior Radio] The New Healthcare: Energetic Osteopathy™ with Dr. Jess Bell

with special guest

Dr. Jess Bell is on a divine mission to change healthcare. As a pain management specialist and osteopathic physician, she knows the effect that physical and emotional pain has on the lives of its sufferers. She also knows how limiting the traditional models are in offering long-lasting solutions to healing at root levels.

By combining her 20-years of experience and treating physical and emotional pain with her energy healing gifts, she has developed the ability to illuminate, transform, and liberate dense energies within the body. These energies separate the sufferer from their divine source of healing and are the real root cause of dis-ease.

We are all designed to self-heal and we hold the keys to our own self-healing and Dr. Jess stands behind the truth that healing is a divine partnership between the healer, client, and divine source. And her work is to be that bridge that reunites the client to their own healing divinity.

During this episode, you will learn:

  • How she is able to “see” where the disturbance is occurring within the body
  • How all symptoms in the physical body originate first from the energetic system, between source energy and the physical body
  • Why working at the root level within your body offers healing at the most foundational levels
  • A few essential tools that work within your energetic body system at the root level
  • How to transform your energy and body system from the inside out

All listeners who tune in (live and on the replay) will receive an energetic osteopathic treatment (mini-healing!) that will catalyze a powerful healing process!






Doctor Jess Bell knew of her calling to be a doctor as early as her memory allows. The calling to become a doctor remained a constant knowing throughout all of her years of schooling. She became an osteopathic physician in her early twenties and a pain management specialist in her early thirties.

Working with pain, she identified that patients needed more than what the medical world alone could offer.
Over time, she became aware of a much greater source of healing than I had learned about through my training and education.
Traditional medicine, including osteopathy, does not incorporate a process of self-healing, self-actualization and self-illumination.

She knew this was a missing piece to fully embody healing.

Early into the Covid-19 pandemic, she stepped fully into her true soul purpose when she received guidance to work entirely in a distance setting. At first, she was hesitant and did not believe that osteopathic treatment and healing could translate into a distance setting.

The moment she offered her first energetic osteopathic treatment, she witnessed a realm of healing she had only heard about but entirely believed to be true. The treatments became even more effective and transformative.

Chronic pain and trauma that previously took many months, even years to resolve in her clinical practice were dissolving, transmuting and releasing within the first one to three treatments.

As an energy healer and osteopathic physician, she integrates and bridges the worlds of modern medicine with the energetic fields, offering root-level healing in its most complete form.

She now offers you the felt experience of moving from pain, density and heaviness into a fluid, light-filled, expanded being. This approach guides you to take part in your healing process, allowing for healing that is ongoing.

She helps people who are looking to heal at the root level, the impaired connections to divine source energy, by working intimately within the body temple which offers the broadcast for the underlying energetic distortion.

Unlike the traditional osteopathic practitioner, she illuminates, transforms, and transmutes the energetic root cause of all distortions or dis-eases presenting in the body, by rooting all the way down to its divine source.

She offers you a collaborative healing experience, empowering you to take an active role in your healing process.

Using energetic osteopathy, she catalyzes healing within the body, by finding energetic densities that are contained within the tissues, organs, and bones of the physical body. Following this catalyzed healing experience through your energetic osteopathic treatment, she then teach you how to activate and develop your own energetic healing capacities. She provides you with crucial self embodiment tools for you to use daily, in order to carry out ongoing healing in your life going forward.

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