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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Why Auto-Healing is Beneficial

I was working with a VIP client the other day and something came up for us to heal on behalf of the world. The TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method is particularly adept at being able to extract vital and detailed information, and with connection to the zero-point field, or Stillness, we are much more able to be Divinely truthful and accurate.

I had recently watched a video of someone who was doing research on a substance called gra–phene–oxide-nanotechnology. I had heard about this substance when a whole slew of people in Canada became sick with respiratory and other symptoms from wearing masks impregnated with this material. I had never heard of it prior to that. The masks were pulled off the market. This substance was never approved for human use and still isn’t.

I won’t go into details of what else has been uncovered, but what interested me the most was about its magnetic properties when exposed to a certain bandwidth of electromagnetic radiation/signal (5 G).

What my client and I discovered was that there was some sort of electromagnetic energy emanating from mobile phones that were different from the usual 4G, 5 G, etc. This energy wasn’t for humanity’s highest good, but here’s the cool part. People who have been resonating at zero-point for a minimum percentage of their waking time (being in the Autohealing state) actually canceled this frequency out automatically! They were not affected negatively at all.

Is that cool or what?

Watch this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, as I give more details of what we discovered.



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