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[Light Warrior Radio] The F.I.X. Code: Ancient Technology Remembered with Stacey Nye

with Special Guest

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[Light Warrior Radio] The F.I.X. Code: Ancient Technology Remembered with Stacey Nye

with special guest

Do you feel happy, calm, and peaceful every single waking minute of the day? I don’t know of any humans who can, at least not just yet. We know from the laws of manifestation that our predominant resonance or energy “attracts” similar energies, which is why the Law of Attraction teachers have always taught us to be happy.

But what if it is difficult?

What if you have something that is bugging you, even just a bit?

What if fear of the unknown future keeps you up at night?

What if the fear of not enough money nags at you?

My guest on Monday’s Light Warrior Radio, Stacey Nye is the master trainer for The Fix Code, a five-minute technique that dramatically “extracts” threads of parasitic codes from your consciousness, even if you’ve experienced hundreds of negative situations that have brought it up in the past. 

When I had my session with Stacey, I first released “feeling spread out”. I wasn’t feeling any negative emotion per se, but we went back to when I was around age 6. Somehow it started there. Once released, I felt suddenly more “contained” and not as “spread out”. Interestingly since then, I’ve seemed to magically be able to block off my schedule for important creation time when I truly flourish. 

Once we extracted “spread out”, she intuitively began asking me more questions. Then I discovered I had a “fear of not accomplishing my mission”. I didn’t think it was all that big a deal, but we did The Fix Code, and by the 3-minute mark, I was crying. I went all the way back to Lemuria when I was unable to accomplish my mission and Lemuria was destroyed.


Then the next extraction went back even further when I was a young child in Lemuria and my parents were too busy to really attend to me. They were doing important work and I felt “the fear of not enough time”. Boy, can you relate to that one? So again, I was teary-eyed, and after the extraction, I felt calm and lighter. 

Last but not least, we released “fear of letting go”.  That’s a big one for me. Phew!

Every tiny or big emotion is like a roadblock to manifesting our true abundant potential including radiant health, happiness, prosperity, etc. 

I implore you to listen to this important segment of Light Warrior Radio (previously recorded) as Stacey explains how she discovered this amazing technique and what it has done for her to radically transform her life and mission



Stacey’s first exposure to excellence took place at a young age and became the foundation for her values and life goals. The family’s Montreal home was the scene of frequent national and international meetings of the most respected influencers in competitive gymnastics and wrestling. Those preparations for the 1976 Olympic Games are indelibly etched in her mind.

As Vice President of Ancient Gene Technologies and The F.I.X. Code Global, Stacey brings her knowledge of and experience with excellence to her present mission of piloting this new company onto the global stage.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Stacey is now collaborating with the creator of the F.I.X. Code Technique to bring his cutting edge thinking to the world, in live trainings, one on one sessions and new online training programs.

The F.I.X. Code Technique is innovative–a brand new healing modality that allows people to disconnect fear, anxiety, negative emotions from their life, quickly––almost effortlessly.

We believe The F.I.X. Code Technique is changing the world. Anyone can learn to do this-the simplicity of the process and knowing that you do not need to divulge any secrets, simply identify the way you feel about your problems, means future generations will be able to live without crippling emotional problems. And it is possible for us to live this way, now!

Like everyone, Stacey has faced unique life challenges that have provided her with opportunity to search for answers. Her brilliant, logistical mind led her to event planning on a massive scale–4 Olympic Games, Pan Am and Commonwealth Games then on to the G-20, G-8, G-7 conferences, working for some of the most powerful people in the political arena at the time.

Seven years ago while dealing with the fallout of a horrible life-changing event, Stacey met the creator and founder of the F.I.X. Code, Daniel Flear, and a business partnership was formed. She spent the next five years probing, asking never ending questions about this new modality, working to discover the details necessary to begin teaching and helping the world to heal, one person at a time.

Stacey became the ‘Crash Test Dummy’ for this seemingly simply, yet elegant technique. In order to use this, share and teach it, she had to personally experience its every facet and nuance. This meant thousands of hours to eliminate her own anxiety and fears which lead to the establishing of her own private practice, helping people with crippling anxiety gain control of their lives.

While we all have fears and anxiety, we have been conditioned to believe that we are our emotions and cannot change. Stacey is here to tell you that we have had this all wrong. The proof is in the experience of the F.I.X. Code Technique.

Stacey’s early exposure to discipline as a high performance athlete, wisdom gained from her globetrotting career, and an inquisitive, keenly focused mind have helped bring the F.I.X. Code Technique to life.

It is her mission to use this technique to reach, teach and heal as many people as possible, to change how the world feels and make it a better place for all of us, in harmony with self and others.

Stacey can be contacted at

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