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Spiritual Medicine Digest: UPGRADE for Sensitive Soul by Dr. Karen Kan

Upgrade for Sensitive Souls!

Yay! I finally get to talk about my week of “sick symptoms” and the AMAZING upgrade Sensitive Souls just received. They say that the weirdos are going to save the world, and I don’t doubt it. I might be one of the weirdest weirdos I know.

How many people do you know who are equally happy to have “sick symptoms” as they are to feel perfectly healthy? How many people do you know who wouldn’t dream of running out and getting a test kit the minute they start having a fever or a sniffle? (whereas in the not-so-distant past, it was a box of tissue paper). 

How many people do you know who go into an immediate state of curiosity instead of catastrophizing when both arms go numb without warning?

Yup, that would be me…

In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest, I get to finally share the three awarenesses of the upgrades Sensitive Souls just got through the latest Ascension cycle. It’s exciting news! 

This week’s TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation helps you get your astral body locked into your physical body while you’re awake so you can function with greater ease! Watch this weeks SMD below are on YouTube!

Light Warrior Radio with Dr. Karen Kan

Have you ever had a time when you felt like you were being guided by ideas or an impulse that turned out magically without understanding exactly how? How confident are you in your ability to use intuition in your life right now? 

Most of us have heard that “still small voice” or nudge to go somewhere, do something, or say something to someone that had an outcome that was just what we wanted or what someone else needed to hear. Tapping into our intuitive senses we can become walking beacons to find more joy, clarity, peace, ease, and influence. 

Mastering intuition is not about having to spend hours or years learning a craft either. We all have the ability to tap into our Divine Source and access information that we need just when we need it. How? You’ll learn about this on this show!

What would change in your life if you knew that you could get more clarity and insight about things that really matter? Imagine if you could improve your relationships, your cash flow, and your work life so that you could find more freedom, joy, and make an impact in the world while feeling peace and calm?  As a Joy Mindset Expert, Lisa has discovered that everyone has a desire to find purpose and meaning in their lives. Pain and suffering are indicators that we are being guided to something new. Breakthroughs come after our breakdowns! Our spiritual journeys are unique, but our human experiences are relatable, healable, and also meant to serve our highest good. 

To learn more about Lisa, please visit her website at  www.LisaStammerjohann.com – Or contact directly by emailing Lisa@JoyWriting.org.

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