Healing Resistance + Mass Conscious Detox

Whew! What a week! Anyone else feeling a bit disorganized lately? Me too! In this episode of my Spiritual Medicine Digest I share Why there are so many sudden deaths and illnesses lately Upgraded morphic fields of the I AM presence Body Mind and Soul Some cool new things you can check including Resistance to Change! Be…

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Conflict in Your Relationships? Resolution without Confrontation!

Dr Karen Diana Kushenbach Interview Screenshot

Learn the Court of Atonement Healing Process to Heal Your Relationships The Court of Atonement is a spiritual principal that solves conflicts at the soul level.  Once you understand how to use this process you can begin healing yourself, your loved ones and even your pets. I’ll be interviewing Amy Jo Ellis about her Full…

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Why is my “healing” taking so long? (Mini Healings Monday)

Dr Karen Diana Kushenbach Interview Screenshot

Join Diana & I for LIVE Mini Healing son Monday! Ever wonder why it’s taking so “long” to be healed?  Do you wonder why symptoms that you thought you healed come back again and again? Frustrating sometimes isn’t it?  Do you ever ask yourself, what is the purpose in all this? Well, I have good…

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ONENESS with your TRIBE (Plus how to win a session with me!)

Dr. Karen Kan Smiling Screenshot from youtube

I have some VERY exciting announcements in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest including How you can win a FREE Session with me! A brand new discovery: Darkness Masked in Light (and why it’s nothing to fear) How to download the new morphic field of oneness with your tribe   Oh.. and one more thing.. there…

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Powerful Morphic fields of “I AM” and “Transparency

Dr. Karen Kan Youtube Screenshot talking about powerful morphic fields of "i am" and transparency

Dr. Karen’s Spiritual Medicine Digest: Try this “I AM” Exercise! I have a lot of really cool stuff to share with you this week, so get a notebook out! In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest I share  my own personal abundance challenges I’ve had this week AND some fascinating new discoveries including.. The “I AM”…

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Monday’s Show: Healing through Transparency

Transparency: seeing through to our expanded human capacity logo

Many of you probably know Penney Pierce. She is a wonderful healer and very popular author of some incredible books. She has recently released a book on Transparency and I am SO excited to share this powerful topic with you. According to Penney, Transparency is a book about letting go of everything and receiving everything.…

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Soul Energy Download!

Dr. Karen Screenshot from youtube talking about soul energy

Dr. Karen’s Spiritual Medicine Digest: Divine Alignment Scores, Soul Energy Downloads & More! I gotta say the information I’m getting from Source just keeps getting more and more intriguing! In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest I share some interesting news about Soul Energy and how we can often ask for “more” to be gifted to…

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Are you taking good care of your Appendix?

Dr Karen Kan show, Light healer, new energy medicine, Earth Angel Starseed, appendix is more important than you think

Join us LIVE Monday to ask the Doctors Your Questions The “doctor” side of me is SUPER excited for Monday’s radio show! Why? Because I’ve been anxiously awaiting to pick Dr. Dennis’ brain more about how something so small and “disposable” can do fancy things like balance our hormones! And this particular issue hits home for…

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Why some people get what they want and others don’t…

Dr. Karen Kan, Light healer, new energy medicine, Earth Angel Starseed, Unlock your superpowerse the 7 r's formula for master manifesting

Having trouble Manifesting Your Dreams? Join me Monday for LIVE Healings & More! Lots of great questions have come up since the launch of my Unlock Your Superpowers – 7 R’s Formula for Masterful Manifesting program such as: * Can I manifest good things for my husband and children? * Why am I so blocked…

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Wow, Thank you, Thank you!

Spiritual Medicine Digest Oct 19 How to unlock your superpowers, Light healer, new energy medicine, Earth Angel Starseed,

Wow! Thank you SO much for your your incredible support this week as I successfully launched my brand new program “Unlock Your SuperPowers: The 7 R’s of Masterful Manifesting” I was so touched by all of your loving energy, support, and enthusiasm. It makes me even MORE excited to start manifesting some major miracles with…

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