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Spiritual Medicine Digest: Sacred Geometry & the Evolving Human

I heard about the 7 chakras from my first spiritual teacher. Each of these vortices of energy is located in different parts of our body and they connect to our hara line, a line of energy from the crown of our heads to the base of our tailbone. Each chakra has its own sacred geometry and the 7th chakra also called the Crown chakra due to its location on the human body, is depicted by the 1000-petal lotus.

I never really paid too much attention to the 1000-petal lotus until this week, when I discovered that different evolving humans have different sacred geometric structures at their crown chakra. Unlike the planet, Jupiter’s, north pole which has a consistent hexagonal crown, which few conventional scientists have yet to adequately explain (although, for the record, David Wilcock has), our “crown’s” sacred geometry becomes increasingly more complex as our Soul evolves.

People with extremely complex nestled platonic solid geometries at their crown may experience head symptoms including hair loss, itching, heat, and even weird skin bumps with ascension upgrades.

Listen to this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video as I share what I’ve learned from Source about these interesting phenomena, as well as how people have been “growing” new chakras. Our TOLPAKAN™ Healing Activation this week is all about balancing the crown through the Ascension process.

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